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The installation and commissioning steps of the high-frequency pipe welding machine are introduced. Come and collect it!

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1. Upper mold: install the mold on the high-frequency machine, lay the edge material on the bottom, pay attention to the integrity of the mold section and mold, mold adjustment: after the mold is installed, it must be adjusted to the level and the set parameters, pay attention to the same depth on the left and right, not too deep nor too shallow) Press the high-frequency: align the material with the mold, press the presser foot, and double press the power switch.
2. High frequency is high frequency wave. The principle of high-frequency pipe welding machine is different from that of ultrasonic. The high-frequency electromagnetic field is used to make the molecules in the material collide violently and generate high temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of welding. Due to the wide range of applications of high-frequency pipe welding machine, there are currently high-frequency plastic welding machine, high-frequency leather plastic welding machine, high-frequency folding machine, high-frequency metal welding casting machine, high-frequency metal heating machine, etc., high-frequency products are more popular, because the high temperature generated by high-frequency electromagnetic field is more conducive to product integration.
3. The output power of the tweeter is very high. The cycle rate of the oscillator is 27.12 MHz or 40.68 MHz, which conforms to the frequency band standard. The special electronic circuit of various control devices can avoid operating errors, weld the product as soon as possible, and improve the product yield. The working principle of the high-frequency pipe welding machine is that the dielectric material generates molecular polarization through the high-frequency electric field and is arranged along the direction of the electric field. If the direction changes at a very fast speed due to the high-frequency electric field, the dielectric material will generate heat due to the dielectric loss.
4. High frequency pipe welding machine is specialized in producing various general high frequency equipment and four-row manual sliding table welding machine. The high-frequency machine is flexible and convenient to operate, which can improve the output. High-sensitive spark protection device to prevent mold damage can be customized according to customer requirements. The high-frequency machine is suitable for processing the whole roll of products, PVC folding, checker bar, business card holder and other products can be processed in the whole roll. For hard materials, leveling and forming can be completed at one time, bridge breaking can save manpower, improve product accuracy, and high sensitivity spark protection device can prevent damage to the mold.
5. The automatic frequency tracking function of the high-frequency pipe welding machine is combined with the frequency polarization protection function, so that the generator of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine is always at a good working frequency. The tuner has a lifting circuit and a suppression circuit. During normal welding, the amplitude can reach 1.5-2 times, which improves the instantaneous welding characteristics, automatically reduces the overload amplitude, keeps the overload continuous, and has good automatic amplitude modulation function.
6. Install the electronic tube. A. Open the lower front cover plate and right cover plate of the body. b. Carefully put the high-frequency electronic tube into the resonance cylinder * from the gap behind the machine, and fix it on the mounting base with screws after adjusting the direction. C. Install the filament wire on the filament screw of the electronic tube. When tightening the nut, two suitable wrenches must be used to clamp the upper nut and the lower nut at the same time to prevent the ceramic body on the electronic tube from cracking and the electronic tube from being scrapped. D. Fix the grid copper plate on the grid of the electronic tube with screws and do not loosen it.
7. Install the push plate slide rail and place the push plate. First fix the slide rail on the corresponding mounting base of the machine with screws (do not tighten the screws first), then place the push plate on the slide rail (the pulley should block the slide rail), adjust the slide rail to align the push plate with the support plate, so that it can move smoothly and flexibly. Then tighten the rail retaining screws.
8. Install the power cord. The power line of the high-frequency pipe welding machine is a five-core cable, including yellow ground wire, brown ground wire and other three ground wires (without phase sequence). To ensure personal safety, the ground wire must be reliably connected.

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