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What are the advantages of high-frequency pipe welding machine

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High-frequency pipe welding machine is a popular product, but many people do not understand its function. First of all, we should know that the high frequency pipe welding machine has a high safety factor, because it does not need flammable and explosive gas when working, which ensures the safety of life and property. No harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide will be generated during welding. Compared with acetylene, gasoline, oxygen, liquefied petroleum gas and other gases, the cost is greatly reduced due to the use of electricity. Of course, there is also a very important point, that is, low cost: the traditional brazing and welding temperature is low, the heat radiation is large, the cost is high, and there is the risk of explosion. The flame temperature of the high-frequency pipe welding machine is controllable, and the welding temperature can reach more than 2000 degrees, with high stability, which is more than twice the speed of acetylene welding. It can be welded continuously for 12 hours. Another thing is convenient to carry. Because the weight of the whole host is only a few kilograms and its volume is small, there is no need for acetylene cylinder or oxygen cylinder. High frequency pipe welding machine is very suitable for outdoor or harsh environment. Now it can be used for welding metal products, such as towel rack, soap net, bathroom pendant, auto parts, motorcycle parts, metal material wiring terminal, hardware, heating pipe and standard parts.
The H-beam welded by high-frequency pipe welding machine has excellent performance. Compared with hot-rolled H-beam, its section modulus and bending strength are higher than hot-rolled H-beam under the same unit weight. In steel structure engineering, the amount of steel used for the same components is greater than that of high-frequency welded H-beam. In steel structure villas, low-rise and low-rise residences, if properly used, its advantages can be fully utilized to achieve the purpose of saving steel and reducing costs. High-efficiency high-frequency welding machine has very reasonable section economy. It is also important to diversify the production varieties of high-frequency pipe welding machines. Because the equipment is mainly used to fuse metals with the same composition, the requirements for the composition of the base metal are relatively loose. It can not only weld ordinary carbon steel, but also alloy steel, stainless steel, Al, Cu, Ni, Ti and other alloys. Because the H-shaped steel produced by high-frequency pipe welding machine is limited by less equipment and has more product specifications. Therefore, it is very popular. Steel makes full use of the skin effect and proximity effect of high-frequency current, so that high-frequency current is highly concentrated in the narrow welding area, and the consumption of base metal removal from the base metal is less in a short time.

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