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What are the main functions of high-frequency pipe welding machine

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Due to the maturity and excellent performance of the forming and welding technology of the high-frequency pipe welding machine, the high-frequency pipe welding machine is widely used in chemical, petrochemical, electric power, construction and other industries. The main function of the equipment is to use it when installing pipelines. There are many pipeline products on the market, and each pipeline has its own characteristics. Pipeline products play an important role in the market and are also products needed in life. When the high-frequency pipe welding machine is developed in the market, it generally has a bright future. High-frequency pipe welding machine can gain a better foothold in the market, and it is also relatively stable. In addition, the wall thickness of pipe making is large, which can meet the requirements of general pipes, and the pipe making accuracy is high. Another thing is stable performance and high output.
High-frequency pipe welding machine can be used to weld bimetal composite pipes, such as air conditioning copper pipe and air conditioning copper pipe, air conditioning copper pipe and seamless steel pipe. For welding bimetallic composite pipes. After welding, the shape is beautiful, solid, round, evenly heated, and there is no solder leak or solder leak. The advantages of high frequency pipe welding machine are also very obvious at work, such as high induction heating speed, high efficiency, energy saving and low cost compared with oxygen welding. 3. Small oxidation area. Energy saving and low cost 4. Small oxidation area and beautiful appearance after welding. The heating is uniform, and there is no risk of missing welding or missing welding. In fact, the equipment has high efficiency, fast tooth welding speed, 1-5 seconds per tooth, good repeatability, good repeatability of each tooth, rapid and uniform heating, which can effectively avoid cracking caused by serrated aging and local overheating, and also avoid safety hazards such as missing teeth caused by incomplete fusion in the melting furnace. High-frequency pipe welding machine has high performance and toughness sawtooth woodworking saw blade, which is actually a saw blade that cannot be welded by resistance welding machine, with low power consumption (2-3kw/H).

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