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Main advantages of high-frequency pipe welding machine

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Correct installation steps of high-frequency pipe welding machine
        1. Transfer: Forklift shall be selected to transfer high-frequency pipe welding machine.
        2. Equipment: The machine shall be horizontally fixed on a stable foundation and grounded.
        3. Oil filling: open the rear cover of the chassis and add 56L No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil into the oil tank.
        4. Power on: connect the power line of the high-frequency pipe welding machine to the normal power supply of the machine, and turn the motor to investigate the rotation direction. The rotation direction of the motor shall be consistent with the arrow direction on the motor label. It is possible to turn on the power switch after connecting the wire. If the machine moves, the die opening is open, and the motor rotates in the correct direction. If the machine does not move, switch between two at will in front of the machine.
        5. Pressure regulation: the pressure of the machine system is 31.5MPa, which is regulated by the overflow valve. The regulating pressure of the high-frequency welded pipe unit increases clockwise and decreases counterclockwise.
        Precautions before using high-frequency pipe welding machine
        1. Before starting the machine, check whether the safety devices such as the safety cover of the equipment are complete and intact. 2. Check whether the fixing screws of each part are firm. 3. Check whether the fan in the high-frequency controller operates normally and smoothly. 4. Check whether the high-frequency mold and auxiliary tools are complete and intact. 5. After warm-up for 5 minutes, start debugging and check the basic performance of the equipment, including high-frequency current, whether the switch is flexible, whether the lubricating parts and other parts operate normally, and whether there is abnormal sound. It can only be put into production after confirming the safety. It is forbidden to switch out of order.
        Applicable scope of high-frequency pipe welding machine
        1. Welding of cemented carbide tools. Such as turning tools, milling cutters, fried dough twist drills, hot rolling, pliers, hammers, wrenches, wire cutters, etc. 2. Welding of diamond bits, such as welding of diamond saw blades, welding of abrasive tools, and welding of sawteeth. 3. Welding of drill bits for exploration, such as straight drill bits and horn drill bits. 4. Composite welding of brass, copper, stainless steel pot bottom and other metal materials. Motorcycle parts heat treatment, standard parts heat block, nut heat block, copper standard material heating.
        Main advantages of high-frequency pipe welding machine
        1. High safety factor: no flammable and explosive gas is required, ensuring the safety of life and property. 2. Energy conservation and environmental protection. The welding process will not produce carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. Due to the use of electricity, compared with acetylene, gasoline, oxygen, liquefied petroleum gas and other gases, the cost is greatly reduced. 3. Low cost: traditional brazing and welding has low temperature, large thermal radiation, high welding cost, and the risk of explosion. The flame temperature of the plasma brazing machine is controllable, the welding temperature can reach more than 2000 degrees, and the stability is high, which is more than twice the speed of acetylene welding. It can be welded continuously for 12 hours. 4. Convenient to carry: because the whole host weighs only a few kilograms and is small, it does not need an acetylene cylinder or oxygen cylinder, so it is very suitable for working outdoors or in a harsh environment.

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